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The ‘Finals’ Countdown

by Michael Barnes

Photo courtesy of the LSUS Website

Attention, all Pilots. As this semester comes to a close, finals are right around the corner for LSUS. In the spirit of finals, the Director of Counseling Services at LSUS, Angie Pellerin, has offered some pre-exam relaxation techniques and pre-test writing interventions to help you pass your exams with flying colors.

In an email to LSUS professors, Pellerin included two articles on pre-test writing intervention methods and three documents on pre-test meditation methods, as well as a ‘Meditations for Test Anxiety’ playlist. These articles and documents can be helpful to students taking exams in various subject areas. For example, the article included from Psychology Today about a writing intervention method states that “just ten minutes of expressive writing can alleviate students’ math anxiety.” Another notable inclusion is the document of a ‘Guided Imagery Script for Taking an Exam’ that students could read together to alleviate the pressure of finals.

Finals week is notorious for being a very stressful, anxiety-inducing time where students feel pressure to do well. To help the students of LSUS get through these trials and tribulations, the links to all the articles, documents, and the playlist provided by Angie Pellerin have been included below. Best of luck on your finals, Pilots!