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Classes to Resume After Thanksgiving

by Shelby Willis

The coronavirus created a state of oblivion across the world and as scientists continue to search for a cure, uncertainty still lingers.

College campuses across the United States have had to adjust and create new plans that would allow students to further their education while staying as safe and healthy as possible. Some of these plans were not set in stone at the beginning of the semester, but rather through a day-by-day process. 

Every step LSUS has taken has been in consideration of CDC guidelines and the Louisiana governor's state regulations, including the decision to complete the semester as scheduled in the academic calendar. 

Although some campuses are not allowing students to return following Thanksgiving Break to help contain the spread of the virus, all LSUS students will complete their on-campus courses and finals in person. Because the majority of students are commuters, LSUS does not have to account for large on-campus residential populations spreading the virus in dorms. 

“This does not mean that we are not still very concerned about the impact of the virus on our community,” Wendell Riley, the director of media and external relations, said. “We will continue to monitor cases, promote mask wearing and social distancing in the class and in common areas on campus, provide testing for our campus community, and follow CDC, State and LSU guidelines in an effort to keep LSUS students, faculty and staff as safe as possible.”

The Almagest News family would like to wish all of you a happy holiday, but be sure to stay safe!