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LSUS SGA Set Out To Protect Students: Follow-Up

LSU Shreveport Vice Chancellor Dr. John Vassar. Story by Emmy Lamb.

LSU Shreveport Vice Chancellor Dr. John Vassar commented on Second Chances, a bill designed so that students earn the highest grade from courses taken more than once. Vassar believes there is a process to reviewing information that might aid student success at LSUS

“I think we always need to look at how we can improve our support of students and I’m always open to reviewing policies that have an impact on students success,” Vassar said.

Second Chances calls for the bill to be retroactive up to four years for all current students. It applies only to courses taken at LSUS.

“One piece we always have to look at too is the process; what sort of investment would be required to implement any policy,” Vassar said.

Dr. Vassar warned of resource implications to policy changes. LSUS administration must comply with available resources to be implemented effectively. 

“I think the primary concerns would be making sure that students are enable to continue to positively progress toward their degree, making sure financial aid implications are considered too,” Vassar said.

Although Dr. Vassar does not know why a previous system coined, “Delete, Repeat” was eliminated, students may believe the current system is a threat to their academic progression. Dr. Vassar addresses an alternative solution to students willing to pass a class the first time it is taken. 

“You have one shot at performing at a high level in the classes, for those students who desire to perform at a high level, so you receive what you earn in that one instance,” Vassar said. 

The positive impact this may hold for LSUS students remains to be seen. Should the LSUS Administrative Senate conclude there is no negative impact on the financial aid system, Dr. Vassar feels Second Chances should be considered.  

“Ensuring that this policy or a policy like it was implemented in such a way that would support the educational mission of the institution and ensure that students continue to graduate from here with a very high quality degree as they do now,” Vassar Said. 

It seems that, for the LSUS students, Second Chance may have a chance.