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Pilot Success Story

by Courtney Jackson

An LSUS alumnus has soared to new heights this year as he was recently selected to speak at a national conference for nonprofit leaders.

Scott E. Peyton graduated from LSUS this past December with a Master of Science in Nonprofit Administration (MSNPA) degree. 

Peyton is one of few nonprofit leaders that have been asked to speak at a conference hosted by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance called Elevate 2021 later this month. 

Throughout his time serving as a probation and parole officer, Peyton realized that he wanted to help offenders as they rejoin society. This is why he decided to enroll in the Master’s program at LSUS.

While getting his Master’s degree, Peyton was also able to obtain a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. This facet of the program helps set it apart from the rest.

Peyton said, “I chose LSUS because of its academic excellence and the reputation of its MSNPA program. Being able to earn the CNP and Master’s in Nonprofit Administration are both invaluable in my role as a state director and in my advocacy efforts.” 

For the conference, Peyton’s presentation will focus on the benefits of hiring those who were previously incarcerated who he refers to as “justice-involved individuals.” 

Peyton understands the need to advocate for criminal justice reform and knows that educating others will help change the justice system for the better.

“Providing second chances for justice-involved individuals helps keep our communities safer, and it creates a system that recognizes values of hope and redemption,” Peyton said. 

Our alumni have undoubtedly made their mark far beyond the walls of LSUS and will continue to make an impact on our community.