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2025 Challenge Accepted

Patrick Booker, Montavious Goss, Ashley Hollis, and Omenka Webb

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(Monty) LSU President F. King Alexander, alongside Chancellor Larry Clark, presented a talk titled “LSU 2025: Challenge Accepted.

(Clark) So the purpose of this forum is for you to learn the impact of LSU in leading the state in solutions in state, regional, and community needs including Northwest Louisiana

(Monty) Alexander addressed problems facing Louisiana and the nation.  

(Alexander) And right now we have ten year reauthorization of the Higher Education Act going on in Washington DC, another hearing on affordability tomorrow. We have a state legislator debating whether they should go into a special session to curve the billion dollar short fall that will exist on June 30th.

Clark and Alexander sat down and had a Q&A interaction with the audience.

After the forum everyone headed over to the port for a free lunch that included Salad, Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice and Cookies

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I’m Montavious Goss from Almagest student news.

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