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Jobs On Campus

by Kaitlyn Gibson and Cheyann Bordelon

CHEYANN: KEEPING UP WITH WORK AND SCHOOL CAN BE DIFFICULT. FINDING A JOB ON CAMPUS CAN ELIVIATE SOME OF THE STRESS. LSUS OFFERS A LOT OF JOBS SPECIFICALLY FOR STUDENTS. Interview with Jennie Flynn-McKevitt: “What’s nice about having a job on campus is that folks know you’re a student, and you’re also working.” Interview with student worker Latesha Dickson: “It’s like an easy job to have when you’re like trying to focus on school like 100 percent on school, and you don’t really have time for a job, but you need the money.” CHEYANN: STUDENTS CAN FIND HELP WITH THEIR RESUME AND JOB SEARCH AT CAREER SERVICES Flynn-McKevitt: “On top of those, like, one on one interactions about resumes, I also do resume workshops. So if a student wants to come and listen for an hour about how to lay a document out so that it’s appealing how to decide what to talk about on their resume that’s a really good opportunity to take advantage of, too.” KAITLYN: THOUGH THERE ARE NOT CURRENTLY A LOT OF JOB OPPORTUNITIES ON CAMPUS, CAREER SERVICES OFFERS MANY RESOURCES TO STUDENTS Flynn-McKevitt: “The first thing is to make sure they are plugged in with Career Pilot which is the university’s centralized online posting site. Um… Campus offices have the opportunity to post jobs that are on campus on that system, but not everybody does. So, what we encourage folks to do is to use Career Pilot as the jumping off point, but if they don’t find stuff on there that is a good fit for them to also be aware that they can approach offices they are interested in and ask them.” KAITLYN: THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE IS NEXT WEEK AT THE CAREER AND INTERNSHIP FAIR ON OCTOBER 3. Flynn-McKevitt: “Right now there are forty-three separate organizations that are registered. Seven of those are graduate and professional schools so if someone is interested in continuing their education they can also come by this isn’t just for part-time, internship, and full-time roles.” KAITLYN: NOW YOU KNOW. I’M KAITLYN GIBSON CHEYANN: AND I’M CHEYANN BORDELON WITH ALMAGEST STUDENT NEWS *END*{ends the script}