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LSUS Alumni ‘Where Are They Now?’ Rashad Johnson

Story by Emmy Lamb and Morgan Pitner

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Rashad Johnson: Alright, I'm KSLA news 12 sports reporter Rashad Johnson and this is how I'm living at KSLA news 12. It's going down. Shout out to LSUS. This is where i'm sitting, in sports. We produce, we edit, we anchor, we report, we do our own live-shots. Sports is the place to be. Let's go. I was at LSUS and I didn't know what I wanted to do. I was lost, I was one of these young kids just going to school to go to school. My mom was like, "You got to find a passion, you got to find something you want to do." I've always loved kids, like young kids. I've always been good around them. So, I wanted to be able to be a role model to young guys. With this field, evolution is paramount. You know what I mean? What's going on around here. I mean, we are going digital here at KSLA news 12. That's the main market. In television, nobody's tuning in like they used to at six and ten to watch the news. They can get the news on their phone. You have to be digital first. Our public relations is huge, especially dealing with athletes. You never know what they might do. You never know what they might say. 

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