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LSUS Book Store Moving to University Center

Patrick Booker, Montavious Goss, Morgan Pitner, Emmy Lamb, and Omenka Webb

In case you didn't know LSUS Bookstore will be moving from its current location in the Technology Center to the University Center where the pool tables are located. It will no longer be run by LSUS. According to the Director of Purchases Bill Wolfe, the bookstore is going private so it can be run more efficiently. There are proposals sent out for potential vendors and four have responded so far. An evaluation team is currently evaluating all four proposals. The vendor that best fits LSUS will be selected. Part of the proposal the vendors are making is to renovate the area where the pool tables are to make it look more like a bookstore. The chosen vendor will be selling the same things the current bookstore store sells and possibly more. The finale decision should be decided in a few weeks. The bookstore will continue to operate in its current location until the new store is up and running.

And now you know.

I'm Montavious Goss from Almagest student news.