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LSUS Drama Club

Emmy Lamb and Morgan Pitner

Opener: Almagest theme music 

Professor Robert Alford: One of the things about theater is that in my opinion, it's the only art form that incorporates every other art form. There's elements of paintings, sculpture, literature and music. Pretty much any form you can think of is incorporated in some way. David Ives, he's well known for his short plays. We are doing two of his plays, a part of a collection called, "All the timing." The two that we are doing are called "Philadelphia" and "A Sure Thing." This is the first time we are doing a play where all the actors are students and all the actors have experience. I think just having a good time and learning, knowing that you have fellow students capable of entertaining in high quality. I also think you can kind of see yourself in similar situations, both plays, in different ways deal with what it's like to be a person. To experience some of the struggles that we have but there are some positive things as well, they're not all negative. 

Closer: Almagest theme music