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Student Success Center & Career Services one-stop-shop

Peter O'Neil & Omenka Webb

Hammond: My name is Corey Hammond I’m the director here at the Student Success Center. I’ve been in education for about 10 years and I’ve had the pleasure of working in both the student affairs and the academic affair side. Even with the tutoring aspect a lot of people see Student Success Center and think tutoring, but we offer so many different levels of tutoring to make sure all of our students here are successful. So, both under-graduate and graduate from online to master’s to doctorate that all students are taking care of here at LSUS. And then the workshops – we hold a lot of workshops in classrooms and outside the classrooms; just to make sure students can get some additional development that can support what they’re doing in the classroom. It’s our job to make sure we’re providing whatever is necessary for students to be successful here while they’re at the campus.

McKevitt: Hi, my name is Jenny Flynn-McKevitt I’m the director of Career Services. In Career Services you might think of this as the place to come to get help with your resume, which is one component of what I do. But, I really want you to think of my department as the bridge that connects you to the world of work. Little known fact, you also have the chance to engage with career services even after you graduate. You have access to this office for free for life. So, we have a centralized online jobs posting site called career pilot. This is a great place to go look for part-time jobs, internship opportunities, and fulltime jobs. So, if you’re looking for a way to get plugged into what opportunities you can apply for that’s one tool in your toolbox. If that’s not getting you the kinds of opportunities you’re really interested in come on in and we can setup a one-on-one appointment and I can help you otherwise.