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Dr. Cannon Profile

by Ashley Hollis

CANNON- Hola, I’m Dr. Cannon. I’m the Assistant professor of Spanish here at Louisiana State University Shreveport

HOLLIS- Dr. Cannon started his academic adventure here in this community taking classes first at bossier parish community college before taking 2 years off to be a missionary in Mexico City and coming back here to LSUS and getting his bachelor of arts in Spanish. He then moved on to the University of Arkansas and Mastered in Spanish American Literature. He also got a PHD in Iberian and Latin American Literature and Culture at the University of Texas in Austin. From there he knew he wanted to teach.

CANNON- What inspired me was I knew I wanted to teach and I knew kind of the demographic that I wanted to teach, the age range at least, or the content that I wanted to teach because really, I love teaching you know literature and film and comic books.

HOLLIS- Dr. Cannon has traveled to many country’s mostly Mexico but he has also been to Barcelona, Spain, Paris, France and one special country in South America.

CANNON- I’ve traveled to Chile, Santiago Chile in South America, I went down there to meet comic book creators because I write about comic books that what my research is on so I been in contact with them over email and finally I had the chance to go to a conference to present at the University in Chile.

HOLLIS- Dr. Cannon said that his time here at LSUS inspired him to continue education and he was excited to come back to LSUS, this time to teach.

CANNON- Being able to come back, having the opportunity to come back here and hopefully give back and recreate that experience and be accessible for students and share the things that I’m really passionate about with other people I mean that was a really big reason that I wanted to come back here because I know the campus, I know the community and I want to be able to give back.

HOLLIS- And now you know, I’m Ashely Hollis with the Almagest Student News.