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LSU Shreveport Men's Soccer League

Story by Emmy Lamb and Morgan Pitner

Opener: Almagest theme music 

Lucas Las Casas: My name is Lucas Las Casas. I am from Brazil. 

Murray Cockburn: I'm Murray Cockburn, I'm from Scotland. 

Yoran Van Houdt: Hi, I'm Yoran Van Houdt, I'm from Belgium. 

Robbie Bruce: I'm Robbie Bruce, I'm from Scotland. 

Las Casas: I play as a right back. 

Cockburn: I'm a forward. I put them in the back of the net, so yeah. 

Bruce: I think we can achieve good things in the future. 

Van Houdt: To be the starting goal keeper, and being announced as the player of the week. 

Cockburn: First game, we scored against Williams Baptist, which was good. 

Van Houdt: The goal is the win conference, I really hope we can do it because we have an amazing group of guys. 

Bruce: Starting with 4-1, that's a great start for a new program, great start for any program. 

Cockburn: We've all bonded together, we all came here new. Not knowing what was going to happen. 

Van Houdt: We had this immediate connection, so we try to hang out as much as we can. 

Bruce: We are really close knit, it's like a family. One big family. 

Las Casas: So this feeling of people watching you, it's so good. Very good. 

Closer: Almagest theme music