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Story by Patrick Booker and Montavious Goss

Goss: Make your voice heard here at LSUS Goss: The cumulus internship program is a new course designed to introduce students to all aspects of radio broadcasting. Pete : this is basically the most grand free opportunity that they will have in there career if they are interested in going that direction with their life after college Goss: Lsus alumnus Pete O’Neil started the internship this spring with the goal of giving future students an opportunity to get radio experience. Pete: for every intent and purpose it is an opportunity to get familiar with the equipment, get familiar with the jargon, get familiar with the scheduling and fast paced industry that is radio. Goss: Pete wants students to know all are welcome. Pete: this is for every student its not just for mass communications this for everybody who goes to school here, and actually is extended all the way through BPCC and other trade schools in louisiana Goss: Students will be taught everything from sales, to production, to being live on the air It’s 12 weeks its 120 hours its not a gimme coarse so if it is in some sort of way associated with your credits towards your degree i’d encourage anybody to take a break from taking tests and buying books and actually get some hands on experience Goss: The best way to learn more about the internship is to contact the chair of mass communications Dr. Webster