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LSUS Security Threat

Montavious Goss, Ashley Hollis, Omenka Webb Patrick Booker

Goss: Is LSUS safe? Many students like me where wondering this after threats were posted to social media last week. With all that’s happening on campus’s around the country, is LSUS truly ready for a serious threat? Monday, LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark invited all students to a forum. The forum took place to talk about what happened last week. LSUS police Chief Donald Wray and LSU Sargent Andrew Bowden answered questions from LSUS staff and students. Chancellor Clark wanted students and faculty to know that nothing happened, but something could have happened and that there was a possibility of a threat to potentially any of us.

Clark: you need to understand that this, what we are going to be talking about this morning, is a continuing law enforcement matter. It did not originate with LSU Shreveport and we do not control this criminal matter in terms of what is happening.

Wray: Right now, it is still too early, ok so every situation, doesn’t matter which part of the country you’re in, we are trained as law enforcement to after we get through the incident we do what is called after action report.

Goss: keep in mind head of LSUS security wants students to make sure that they are all alert and know where they are on campus. Just in case when something happens or an emergency takes place you can always let deputies know where you are. And know you know, I’m Montavious Goss from almagest student news.