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State of the U 2017

Story by Goss and Patrick Booker

Opener: Almagist theme music 

Goss: LSUS jumpstarted the year with the annual State of the U address.

Goss: Students were addressed by Chancellor Larry Clark, along with the presidents of the Student Activties Board and Student Government Association. 

Goss: (Chancellor Clark speech) Chancellor Clark informed students about the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration and the major increase in enrollment 

Goss: He encouraged students to support the returning soccer teams and promoted the new Student Sucess Center.

Goss: Students were given their choice of beverage and free lunches from Jason's Deli

Goss: Students left knowing more about upcoming events and the Current state of LSUS today

La'Brittney Hill: I think it was very positive I liked how engaged he was with the students

Goss: And now you know! I'm Montavious Goss from Almagist Student News 

Closer: Almagist theme music