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Friends of  Noel Memorial Library fund raising event at El Chico’s

Friends of the Noel Memorial Library fund raising event at El Chico’s

Friends of the Noel Memorial Library will be kicking off their inaugural fund raising event Monday, March 21st at El Chico’s on Bert Kouns from 5-10 p.m.

If one hundred people dine and mention they are supporting, “Friends of the Library,” El Chico’s will donate 10 percent of the proceeds back to the LSUS library.

Brian Sherman, Interim Director of the Noel Memorial Library, took a moment to describe to the Almagest the functions of the organization, Friends of the Noel Memorial Library.

“Friends of the Noel Memorial Library is an organization that’s under the LSUS foundation,” Sherman said. “It’s an organization that we initiated in the fall of 2015, to support library resources for the students.”

This will be the first of many events to come for this organization. Their objective is to support the mission of the university and research will be one of those goals.

“Some of the activities that the friends will be [having] is book sales, speaking engagements, and other fund raising activities,” Sherman said. “All of this will be to encourage the support of the friends group, and in turn, the friends will use the funding to enhance existing library resources and purchase materials.” Sherman reflected on the current budget crisis in Louisiana.

“It’s times like this when you have a challenging budget you have to devise new methods of paying resources as oppose to the traditional means,” Sherman said. “Currently the library is not in a tight budget situation, but if we were to get a cut it would severely impact a few of the purchase we still plan to make.”

The organization plans to continue having fund raising events quarterly. Not only at El Chico’s but other businesses in the Shreveport area that has supported the LSUS community in the past as well as seeking new supporters and holding events on LSUS campus.

“We want to start slow just so we can gauge interest. We realize there are so many other fund raising events from other organizations,” Sherman said, “We don’t want to compete.”

Remember folks, 100 people must show up to El Chico’s and mention “Friends of the Library” in order for the organization to receive 10 percent of the proceeds. Sherman asked that everybody spread the word and come on down to El Chico’s and support a good cause.