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“Hoverboard” Scooters Banned at LSUS

“Hoverboard” Scooters Banned at LSUS

Photo courtesy of Stephen Lee Nott

Shortly after becoming some of the most trendy items in the nation, two-wheeled hoverboard scooters have been banned from LSUS's campus amidst nationwide attention to safety concerns. 

According to chairman Elliot F. Kaye of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the battery packs inside of inferior copies of the genuine product present a serious risk of catching fire while under operation and especially charging. In addition to the fire hazards, there have been an increasing number of injury-induced hospital visits due to the falls and collisions involving the scooters.

The LSU school system's Risk Management and Safety board decided that the use, possession, or storage of the scooters is prohibited until further notice.

Reporter: Kei Thomas