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Combatting the Coronavirus

by Courtney Jackson

The coronavirus, also known as the COVID-19 virus, has been making global and national headlines since it first originated in China in late 2019.

Since the virus has made its way to the United States, it has caused nationwide panic. On March 9, Governor John Bel Edwards confirmed a case of coronavirus in Louisiana and the numbers have only risen since.

On March 11, the governor declared a state of emergency in Louisiana as the total number of presumptive positive coronavirus cases has grown to 36. Now that the virus has invaded our homefront, many institutions, like LSUS, have been forced to take action to help prevent any further spread.

LSU Interim President Tom Galligan announced on March 12 that all schools in the LSU system would be moving to remote online learning beginning March 30 and continuing through the rest of the semester. Since spring break is the week of March 23, this means there will be no face-to-face classes for the two-week period beginning March 16.

An open forum discussion was held on March 13 in which students could present their questions and concerns to Chancellor Larry Clark. After the forum, an email was sent to all LSUS students from Chancellor Clark that stated the university will be establishing a help desk. This will serve as the central hub for all student questions and concerns during the transition to remote learning.

Clark said, “LSUS will also set up a web page focused on keeping students, faculty and staff informed about developments associated with changes resulting from the Coronavirus. In addition, some information will come from LSUS email messages. Students, faculty and staff must continue to monitor their LSUS email.”

While classes are being moved online, several on campus services will still be available to students such as the University Center computer lab, the library, the Student Success Center, and counseling services.

However, all academic classrooms, specialized labs, The Port, The Health & Physical Education Building, and the Veterans Resource Center will be closed during this time. It is important to make sure the resource you need is available before coming to campus.

In addition, all recreational and on campus student activities have been cancelled for the remainder of the semester.

Galligan said, “It’s important that we all stay calm. What is needed now is solid planning and preparation based on the most up-to-date facts available.”

As more information becomes available, LSUS intends to keep its faculty, staff and students updated and informed.