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by Peyton Rice

The spring semester at LSUS has not been your typical college experience. Since late March, the world has taken a hiatus from normal life as we have come to know.

Restaurants, businesses, schools (of all levels), sporting events, concerts, and other public gatherings have ceased to stop the spread of COVID-19. Each day has brought about new, uncharted waters that we have all navigated in some fashion.

For LSUS, the administration and faculty have done a superb job at moving all courses online for the remainder of the semester.

LSUS officials know this has been challenging for many students, but they have been working on making the transition as easy as possible.

On Monday, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Paula Atkins, sent out a university wide email discussing a new “Pass/No Credit” option for students originally enrolled in one or more face-to-face classes and who were required to transition to the online environment.

General guidelines for the “Pass/No Credit” option for Spring 2020 include:

  • A one-time option applies only to classes that were originally held face to face. It does not apply to any course that originated as an online course.
  • The selection of the “Pass/No Credit” option can be selected on a class by class basis for each class enrolled, and encompasses undergraduate, face-to-face courses or labs for the Spring 2020 semester.
  • A deadline of April 22, 2020 to make a selection.

The “Pass/No Credit” option WILL affect your TOPS if you are a college student. They include:

  • The selection of the “Pass/No Credit” option will not affect your GPA. However, no credit grades result in 0 quality points; meaning if you receive 1 or more no credit grades, your GPA will be lowered.
  • If you are on academic probation and need to raise your GPA, P(PASS) will not raise or lower your GPA.
  • The “Pass/No Credit” option may or may not be transferable. If you are transferring, you will need to contact that university or institution before selecting this option.

For any students that are willing to choose the “Pass/No Credit” option, you will be required to sign a form via a DocuSign link from LSUS. You should receive this email in the days ahead, if you are eligible.

If you have any other questions regarding “Pass/No Credit” option or Financial Aid and how they impact each other please visit the links below:

COVID-19 Questions for Post-Secondary students

Pass/No Credit Q/A from LSUS

If you are still unable to make your decision or have questions not listed in the documents above, please email, as they will be able to answer your questions.