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LSUS Apartment Acquisition

by Courtney Jackson

Do you or someone you know live in the on campus apartments? 

Big things have happened this week that are going to bring about much needed changes to the apartments and the lives of our student residents.

On March 26, LSUS officially acquired the on campus student housing, formerly known as the University Court Apartments. The name of the apartments has been changed to Pilots Pointe Apartments to give the facility a fresh new look.

In an email from LSUS Director of Media Wendell Riley, he said, “This marks the end of a long and sometimes challenging process, one that would not have happened without the hard work of Barbie Cannon, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, and her team, along with the support of the LSU system.”

Even with the current public health emergency, LSU System President Tom Galligan made sure to sign all the paperwork necessary to give LSUS full control.

What will this mean for LSUS students?

Now that this deal has been finalized, LSUS has full operational control of the complex. This will allow the university to complete necessary upgrades and also create a management team that will better serve the needs of our student body.

A company called RISE Real Estate will be involved in the day-to-day management of the apartments. Along with the LSUS Office of Business Affairs and the LSUS IT Department, RISE will begin to assess renovation and infrastructure needs. The LSUS Office of Student Services will also be working with RISE to start resident programming for the students who will be staying in these apartments.

The residents will be provided a tentative schedule of the upcoming renovations. There will also be daily updates on the changes to the facility on Pilots Pointe social media pages. For more information about the apartments, visit

This transition marks a turning point in LSUS history and will provide much needed improvements not only to the apartments but to the lives of students as well.