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Kick Start

The wait is over. LSU Shreveport soccer is back.

Story by Emmy Lamb

LSU Shreveport women’s soccer is back and they don’t plan on being quiet about it.

“We can hang with whoever we play. It comes down to how bad we want it,” Head Coach Ashley Holland said.

After five years of absence, the women and men’s soccer leagues are being dusted off, and brought out to play. The LSUS soccer programs are prepared for challenges in their first season. 

“We are going to face challenges all season, but we are up for whatever comes our way. We take one game at a time,” Holland said. 

Soccer has rooted itself in Holland’s life. As a lifelong love, soccer wasn’t over for Holland after her own career was coming to an end. 

“I wasn’t ready to give it up,” Holland said.  

The price of being a colligate coach is high. Giving up personal time, constantly losing your voice. However, the benefits are endless according to coach Holland. 

“I just hope to be a positive role model for these girls. Myself and the rest of the coaching staff have been in their shoes and we want to push them to be better soccer players, better students, and all around better people,” Holland said. 

LSUS Pilot women are motivated to be the best people they can be, but on the field, they play to win. 

“My goal for these girls is to be successful in whatever they do, to be successful on the field, eventually win conference and make it to the national tournament, and to be successful off the field, achieve good grades, graduate, get their dream job,” Holland said. 

The LSUS women’s soccer team currently holds a record of 1-1-1 (W-L-T) and will host the Louisiana College Wildcats Sept. 3 at 1 p.m. Show your support for the Pilots  and visit to find game schedules, rosters and more.